View from our AirBnB

We’re working hard I promise!

The view in Athens is great, but we really are working and not on holiday.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything and there have been a few reasons for that. Top of the list – I’ve been massively busy with work! Other reasons include trying to get on top of our massive garden so it can become our refuge at home, getting the children through their term and staying sane…

And so one morning in late June (I’m fairly sure it was a Friday but without going through my emails I can’t be totally sure) and whilst sitting at the dining table going through endless sheets of Maths, spellings, geography, art etc, and with out laptops in front of us, having been working for at least an hour & a half or so, I happened to open an email on my phone from EasyJet with some kind of offer for “Summer 2020” flights starting back up again. I did a quick glance through the options available from our local airport, then decided there weren’t really any suitable choices and mentioned this to my OH. Something clicked.

The next thing I know is were having a conversation about the possible network speeds in Athens, and the fact that (having done it previously) as long as he got the ok from his current employer, why didn’t we go there for the first half of the summer holiday? ….. Erm, OK…. Right, so AirBnB booked, Flights Booked for those of us remaining and a quick email to my boss letting him know that was our plan – after all we’d been locked down for so long, what difference did it make which country I was in????!!!

Just over 3 weeks later, and with 4 out of 5 children now off with their non-resident parent for the first part of the summer break, the three remaining ones, Me, my OH and Chloe jump on a plane and head to steaming hot Athens to begin our “working from another location” – this time in an apartment overlooking one of the archaeologically important sites for which the city is famous for.

View from our AirBnB
The view from our balcony – It’s too hot to sit on till late though..

I am more fortunate than Nick, I HAVE the flexibility of permanent work offered holiday, and have booked 5 days during our last week which I’ll spend with Chloe finding things to do. But apart from that, it is 8 hours a day of me & the OH tapping away on our laptops, in near silence (except the occasional conference call) and Chloe in another room spending the hours watching Disney, Netflix or her favourite Child YouTube Stars!

We go out to a museum or a supermarket to buy our food each evening (or every other evening) and only at weekends do we have a full day to do something which means we can go further afield – sadly though many places are either not open, have reduced their capacity severely or have not made things easy to access. We’ve had two trips cancelled already due to over booking! We’ll do what we can – we’re not splashing out anyway.

Chloe looking at the Parthenon.
Chloe surveying the Parthenon. She was quite impressed!

We have said we’ll do this again, as the technology is absolutely up to scratch, but next time maybe look for somewhere with some open space – a garden maybe – so there’s somewhere to go out and play!

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  1. Sounds great. It would be nice to think the much vaunted ‘New Normal’ will include opportunities like this.

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