When it’s not a holiday but an expedition!

If you’ve ever taken your family on holiday, especially camping, you’ll know what I mean. 

For a start, there’s the decision of where to go, accommodation & activities booked.

Then there’s the rush to get your holiday days booked (for all those of you parents who work and have to share care) in order to get the dates you need.

Then there’s the saving up.

Then there’s the planning… and the permission obtaining (where we have non-resident parents) passports to be obtained or renewed.

And in the case of camping, as an example, equipment checked, cleaned or purchased!

It is sometimes hard, with all this preparation, to concentrate on your everyday life in the last few weeks in the run up to your holiday, because it’s been a long time coming – everything you’ve worked so hard towards in getting a holiday at all, is about to come to fruition. But…

You still know that the work isn’t over. 

Getting away is hard work too. If you’re flying with children then preparing them is a job in itself. If you are driving then there’s then endless call for toilet breaks or food to contend with. And once you’ve reached your destination there’s checking in or setting up to do and everyone is probably tired – it’s so hard NOT to lose your temper at the smallest thing.

So how do you conquer the beast which you annual family break?

I’ve compiled a short list of tips which I’ve found, over 20 plus years of travelling with children, can help make things a little easier – both for us and them – and would like to share these with you. Feel free to add your hints & tips in the comments too, as I’m always looking for something new to try!

My tips for family-friendly holidays

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