Paper or Digital?

It might seem like a bit of a stupid question, especially as it applies to SO many aspects of our lives nowadays. But in this case the “Paper” or “Digital” I’m referring to is books, and more specifically the question over the preference between traditional books or digital ones (i.e on a Kindle, Nook etc eReader) 

As someone who has spent most of her life reading “proper” books (as I liked to call them) any attempt to convince me that digital was better fell on deaf ears for about 6 or 7 years. I spent hours EVERY WEEK in the library, had thousands of books on my shelves – many of which I’d re-read many times. I read to Lizzie, AJ & Mathew (and later Holly & Chloë as well) every day/night, and they were ALL able to read before they started school.

Then one day in 2016 my OH got an Amazon delivery and in this delivery was a KINDLE!!

Now, putting this in proper perspective, he too had shelves and shelves of books – we’d had a massive issue about where to put everyone’s books when I moved in and then when my Holly moved in too! The decision was taken to sort through EVERYONE’S books and decide on those which were meaningful (and kept) and those which served their purpose (and could be taken to the second-hand bookshop) We were able to free up enough space but just barely – there wasn’t going to be much room for new purchases – and this, as no doubt you may imagine, was always going to be an issue!

So here’s this invader see. This KINDLE. Not only is it new and strange but because my OH bought it from his Amazon account its also come pre-setup with the book he ordered at the same time already downloaded – slightly scary – and all he had to do was take it out of it’s box and peel off the stickers and ‘Hey Presto’ one eReader, capable of holding hundreds of digital books, hundreds of thousands of pages of words! 

Unbelievable really.

And he kept it beside the bed, to read every night. Which he did. Laughing at the fact that I was struggling with my ‘normal’ books as I lay there – arms at full stretch – trying to see the print, whilst he could just upsize the font if he needed. For the next 6 months or so this digital paperback was used every night and I saw it take the place of a few books which would otherwise have taken up half a shelf or so.  I was beginning to wonder if I was missing something here, to be fair. I’d made quite a few new book buys over the preceding months and they had needed to be found homes in different places. It got a bit silly. 

Come that Christmas I was not all that unhappy, therefore, to be given my own lovely bright white Kindle Paperwhite from my OH… 

And what did I choose to read on my lovely new Kindle?

Digital versions of The Belgariad Series (By David Eddings) …… which I had sat on my shelf in paperback of course!

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  1. And then you move onto the stage of listening to the voice of Lindsay Duncan reading Pride and Prejudice or, at the moment, Felix Von Manteuffel reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Wiesen. But yes, books are a wonderful part of life, in whatever form.

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