COVID-19 Virus

*Lurgy Alert* … NOT …. and I really hope it stays that way.

At this time of “Delay” in the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is so much misinformation flying around that my OH & I have studiously avoided as much of it as possible – that included ignoring our 16yo and her panicked friends! (You know what teenagers are like for believing everything on the internet!)

However, I DO periodically check the WHO/Other trustworthy data sources for the facts as much as possible as well as both of us being informed by relevant employers as to the possible outcomes/plans – this way we hope to keep it “real”, as far as we can. It’s working (Pretty much)

However, my Partner has now been told NOT to return to his office for the foreseeable future (along with the entire rest of his department) after they spent this week ensuring that everyone was “enabled” to work from home. Whilst my own employer (who made sure we were all set for Agile working last year due to physical space problems in our current office) is resolutely set to allow us to continue to come in until the last man standing!!!

I get it. I do, really.

They don’t want to be seen as “over-anticipatory” or jumping the government’s gun (so to speak) as we are actually public servants, but my concerns are several:

There are nearly 300 staff who live all over the south of England travelling in using public transport, coming into contact with many thousands of others. At what point does this NOT constitute a risk?

We work in a 20 story building with roughly 5000 individuals – with associated visitors – this ALSO means using shared public areas. Again, surely a risk (When considered in comparison to a sports activity or other communal event?)

Most of our staff will have families, friends & other outside activities which put us at risk of spreading any contracted virus (even if we are unaware – prior to symptoms ourselves) and it is possible that one (or more of them) will be responsible for infecting someone, at greater risk of harm from the illness then they were!

Surely any single 1 of these is bad enough, but taken as a whole its simply not worth the risk.

I’m disappointed with the overall response to the Pandemic – especially in light of the sad news coming out of countries including Italy.

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