Links we love

A random gathering of sites where you’ll find all sorts of things we’ve come to value in our lives. From clothes, to books, toys & digital resources. We’ll put in a few discount codes as we come up on them too so keep visiting as you’ll never know what you’ll find!

Microsoft Teams – Right now we are all spending our time within the confines of our homes (unless you have Key Worker Status and are going off to work still, in which case – Thank you!!!) and the only way to talk to the people we love outside of those “four walls” is to use virtual conferencing – and this is the one we’d recommend (mainly because a lot of people have it included in their Office 365 subscriptions already & if you don’t the cost to add it on is minimal for the benefits!) There are PLENTY of “HOW TO” videos on Teams, if you need a little help – just look up ” Using MS Teams” on YouTube.

TES Resources – Homeschooling Page. This has a large number of FREE downloads across the year groups so has proven invaluable over the past 3 weeks or so supplementing the packs sent to us by the kids school. Outside of this, I can see us using it for our “Learning Tasks” when we return to life as usual, and I shall take a look at some of the paid options at a later time.

Twinkl Homeschooling Page – Some great resources again, but you have to dig around a little to find the free ones as it’s really set up for educators willing to pay a subscription. If that’s something you’ll consider then the cost is not unreasonable – See here for these.

Amazon – As the source of just about anything and everything, you can’t go far wrong! We’ve bought our kids gym wear, kindle books, science experiment stuff, phone cases, board games, you name it, it’s probably here!

AirBNB – As a family, we’ve stayed in beautiful yellow farmhouses in Cornwall and converted chapels in Glasgow, and as a couple, we’ve used an apartment in a 16th renaissance building in the centre of Venice. There are so many fantastic, great value & flexible options available that you are bound to find something which will suit your families needs and as long as you follow ALL protocols as don’t go for anything which seems TGTBT (To good to be true) you are protected and covered in all outcomes (Oh, and if you click on the link above you’ll get £25 credit too which can’t be bad!)

Sapphire Gymnastics – All four of our younger children do gymnastics here and love doing so! The club has two locations and is open 7 days a week so there are plenty of opportunities for classes across all ages! It’s a well-established club with a fantastic reputation (and Olympic medal winners to boot)

Bill’s Restaurants – I love these so much! We all do. From their yummy breakfasts using gorgeous bright orange yolked eggs, to fantastic cocktails and comfy sofa’s with friendly staff thrown in for good measure! You can even book a table to make sure you’re not disappointed 🙂 

I recommend this! – For the more literary amongst you, I’m making a gentle “push” for a website being built and developed by my sister-in-law… I’d definitely take a look AND check back regularly for the regular updates!