Introducing …….. Me!

The Grand Dame, Mother Superior, Mum, Mummy, oy you!

I’ve lived by any number of names (some of them not particularly nice) and many a time I’ve ignored one or two of them out of a need to stay calm! But by those who know me well I’m more frequently called Claire. 

At various points of my life, I’ve been involved in Choral Music, Photography,  Jewellery making, Social Media, Customer Service, Web build & maintenance, Project Management, Mobile App design & build as well as Event Management. I’ve never had a job description which accurately described what I ACTUALLY did (but I suspect that this pretty common) ….. and all this is paired with being Partner to Nick as well as Mum to Lizzie (23), AJ (21), Big Mathew (19), Holly (14), Little Matthew (7), Chloë, Tristan and Elliot (all aged 5)  

In short, a tall order.
I have a wish that one day my life will be simple but for now, I just want it to make it through a day with all my hair, teeth and the children where I expect them to be (i.e in bed)
I’m going to take you along for the ride with us as we walk along the complicated journey, which is the very much more than average life of a blended family – or Life outside the average!
And you’re welcome.

and the list goes on… (Thank you for my lovely wordcloud!)

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