I’m a Working Girl…

(No, not THAT kind!)

What I mean is that I have a job which involves a commute & a desk & colleagues & meetings & conversations with REAL human beings about stuff which isn’t about school runs, birthday party invites or scooters! …. And NO, I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT demeaning my parenting role, and NO I’m NOT saying that working in an office is a real job but being a parent isn’t.

What I’m ACTUALLY saying is that after returning to work in 2010 after raising my older 3 children, then being made redundant last year & spending the last 20 months being based at home (and handling the projects I’ve had working around my family) AS WELL AS my previous role having been mainly working from home, it is FANTASTIC to be able to get up, get the children I now have (my new “blended” brood who are at home with my OH and I) off to ‘Breakfast Club’ and then get on a train with all the others who are starting their journey in to their daily routines, arriving into a lovely, friendly comfortable office surrounded by people who have varied & interesting lives outside work as well as in. 

We have conversations about all sorts of things.

That is so cool.

Sometimes its about children – including mine – but sometimes it’s not & that is really great, and just such a breath of fresh air.

And I’m going to enjoy it!

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