“Disappointment haunted all my dreams”….

In my last post I mentioned that I had returned to work, well, I should have held off announcing that to the world as clearly my usual state of affairs requires me to be a frustrated “stay-at-home” parent, as I lasted precisely 7 working days in my new role before it was cruelly taken away from me.

I’ll be totally honest with you. They broke up with ME. However, I HAD already come to the conclusion that I would not be renewing the contract at the end of its first term (13 weeks) as I didn’t feel that it was either the right role (It was not going to put me in a good place to move my career forwards) neither was it in the right environment (financial services is SO regulated that even normal business behaviour is difficult to undertake without permission in triplicate, agreed in advance months beforehand and signed by the Chair of Trustees) which made it a very difficult place to function.

Besides which I discovered very quickly that the role advertised was NOT going to happen & it had been used to bring someone in effectively as the department’s skivvy under false pretences!  (I was advised by the resourcing department that they had had second thoughts about this whilst working on the recruitment process) 


It is somewhat frustrating. I am back to square one again.

No more brain stimulation. No more commute with other normal humans. No more freedom to be me. 

Once again I’m back to school runs, housework, gymnastics and all the usual frustrations of being a home-based carer – everything I’ve spent so long trying to escape from – disappearing into anonymity once more.

It’s much harder being a full-time parent, especially to such a large and complex family, than more people can get their heads around & oh so very tiring. There is never any let up.

For now, part of my job is to keep applying for roles outside my home – something which will make proper use of ALL my skills, and not just those which involve washing clothes, cooking dinner and doing homework.

Wish me luck!

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