Coffee shop etiquette?

Warning – Mum rant!!

So a couple of times a week I decant to my local Starbucks (sorry people, I’m NOT afraid to name names here) to set up and get some work done on my clients websites & social portfolio & normally the noise ranges from a light ‘murmur’ to very loud lunch-time conversation between lots of work colleagues. 

Now that’s not to say that this branch is NOT the sole preserve of the office bod or gym-bunny, it is close to homes, schools and the motorway so is visited frequently and regularly by many families (mine included) with lots of young children, babies and their parents of course, but the general consensus is that acceptable behaviour is shown by EVERYONE, including the regulars – that includes NOT just sitting here for hours with a laptop and no drinks etc so that seats are available for everyone (I’m looking at YOU Miss/Mr salesperson) 

So, why the post you ask?

Today we have experienced an infraction on our carefully, community agreed rules.

A small family group (Grandmother, mother & small child – probably 16-18 months old I would guess) visited and rather than a collection of entertaining, but QUIET toys for their small person, the said adults had chosen a Xylophone, toy trumpet and tambourine, which of course were being used with great enthusiasm no sooner had said child walked through the door of our VERY echo’y coffee shop!

Small persons adults were, no doubt, very encouraged by their musical talents – the other two dozen or so patrons of the coffee shop, myself included, were not so, especially as there were at least 4 others beside myself, who were trying to work in this peaceful environment before the orchestra arrived!


I have no problem with children in coffee shops – I regularly take my own for a hot chocolate or smoothie – children are part of our family and should NEVER feel excluded. BUT…. and this is important…. Children SHOULD understand that there are things which are acceptable in different places, and loud toys are fine at home, nursery, grandma’s house etc but when you are out it is time for books, colouring, jigsaw puzzles etc or something which will not disturb EVERYONE around you. It is called respect & consideration and is a lesson ALL children have to learn in order to become a nice person when they grow-up!

I sometimes think parents forget the little lessons because they are too busy worrying about the big ones.

Or just too busy.

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