Humans, uncovered.

It’s life Jim…. You know the rest!

Last weekend my OH and I took the children to see the opening day of the absolutely fascinating Body Worlds Exhibition at Piccadilly. I  do remember him & I had been to see a “cut-down” (excuse the pun) version at one of the South Kensington museums some 6 or 7 years ago but it was nothing compared to this!

I’m fully aware that there will be some individuals who will ‘judge’ us for taking our 5 year-olds’ to something as graphic as this but frankly I couldn’t care less. The exhibits were carefully prepared, well explained, and as we have raised our children to be comfortable in their own bodies, there was no discomfort or embarrassment at the sight of real human bodies – albeit dead ones – in different poses, naked or sometimes not in possession of their skin.

A couple of the children accepted the audio trails which allowed them to “point and click” at exhibits and listen to commentary explaining detail or ancillary displays – there may have been extra display cases with body parts, organs etc inside rather than whole bodies and these frequently had audio explaining how they contributed to the larger displays.

There were also interactive areas where the children could actually participate in activities to show them how their bodies looked layer by layer, or how their heart-rate & blood pressure was measured or even showed them what bio-feedback loops were and how they could change the colour of a light by calming their mind/slowing their pulse. It meant the children were not just passively accepting the information they saw but also engaging with the knowledge they absorbed (and had a little bit of fun too)

We were really impressed with the quality of the displays, the audio information and the lack of pressure to buy ‘tat’ at the end of the visit (you do have to go through the shop to get out again)

With the exhibition over several floors – which are accessible by lift and therefore for wheelchairs/pushchairs too or just anyone who needs help with stairs – there really is no reason not to try it and I’d definitely take your 5-year-olds’ as I assume you have no problem answering their questions!

We had a party of 7, including 2 ads, 2 over 5 and 3 x 5 year-old and our tickets cost £84.00 in total (5 and under go for free) I consider this to be fairly good value as we arrived at 10 am (booked time) and left at about 12.30.

Watch the short video to find out more… including booking your tickets online.  Also, click here for a “Facts and Figures” sheet on the process that the IFP (Institute For Plastination) has developed and used in the models on display.

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  1. People sometimes underestimate children. I shut my 6 year old daughter out of the kitchen while I was plucking a chicken as I didn’t want her to be upset. She got in anyway and the next quarter of an hour was spent with her sticking her finger in various chicken orifices: ‘What’s this one for?’ ‘What comes out of here?’ etc etc etc.

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