Why bother write about family life at all?


It’s the understatement of the century to say that the life of my family is (and has been for rather a long time) complicated – some may say, a nightmare, the optimistic ones among you may call it an adventure. We call is bloody busy, sometimes messy, but always a learning curve for everyone involved.

Here’s my project – and sort of my promise to you – that I’ll spend time as often as I can explaining what we get up to as a family of 6 (or sometimes as many as 10) where we go, how we do it and why.

I’ll also try and talk about how we feel, the things which get said between us – sometimes they are not particularly pleasant- and how we deal with the whole damn Chabang…

Feel free to get in touch, comment and ask questions about the things you read, I’ll answer as honestly as I can.

Here’s to living outside the average!


So…. Here we are!