BANG! Goes the evening..

For the second year running Nick and I took the children to our local Football club for their annual Fireworks display (I believe they’ve been holding that for a decade or more) but our previous fireworks nights have been spent cosied up, watching from the comfort of our middle daughters second-floor bedroom window, which looks out over the display (Luckily for us…) as they were a bit too little for the first 3 years to be dragged en masse through a crowd for 30 minutes of loud bangs and whizzes!

Anyway, I would certainly recommend it, with prices around £5 per adult & £1 per child, it’s not particularly expensive – especially if you bring some food & drink with you, not only does that mean you are not spending ages in queues (although to be fair these are not miles long) but you save the extra costs!!!

One other thing I would also advise, is to buy some glow sticks before you come, for three reasons:

  1. Children love them – they are colourful & bright, which is great to wave around instead of sparklers.
  2. They make great identity/safety mechanisms – cover the children with them and you’ll see them a mile off (if the worst should happen and you get separated somehow!) and…
  3. They will save you money on those light-up toys being sold (you know the ones – the ones you get at the circus or fair, which twirl around, need batteries changed after a couple of days but cost an arm and a leg each in the first place)

We had a tantrum-free hour and the kids were entertained as were we – all for the cost of £15… Cheap at that!

Anyway, here is the result of the evening as a pictorial presentation! 

Enjoy 🙂 

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